The Girls



Sire:  Bordnamot Yankee Rex

Dam:  Aust Ch Bromhund Omy Lady

6-12.1991 TO 8.9.1999

I remember placing an order with Rosemary Mayhew in December 1991 for a Weimaraner Bitch that I could do obedience with.   Rosemary had a litter on the ground but all were spoken for. You could have heard me yell through the phone the day I got the call to say that she had a little girl if I wanted her that was suppost to go to Perth but the lady did not want her.

I could not wait, I met Rosemary at the Caboolture Show and brought her home.   My pride and joy. I named her Shar.  Bromhund Ranbini Shar was her pedigree name.  After talking to Rosemary I decided to show her. Well what fun we had, we went everything, two novices, I do not know who was worst her or me.  But we got there and made a lot of friends along the way. 

We also got that CD obedience title as well.  Shar was my friend, travel companion and sounding board. Shar only had one litter of which I kept Tia and Kiari.  What a litter and what trouble the three of them used to get up too, and you know Butter would not melt in their mouths.

I used to live  only a stones throw away from the beach, and I used to walk them along the beach every day.  Well this day Shar, Kiari and Tia decided to take themselves to the beach didn’t they.    I was frantic, I could not find them anywhere.  The neighbours informed me they went down the road to the beach.  Here they were Shar playing in the rock pools,  Kiari a bit further along the beach and Tia well good old Tia decided she had had enough of the beach and decided to investigate the streets.  I found her, Weimaraner ears are good you know they come in handy when you do not have a lead.  

We had a lot of good times and I hold them all in photo albums and in my memory these days which I regulary play back.  Shar is never forgotten and never far from my heart as well.

Shar’s show record speakes for it’s self.

Best Minor Puppy in Show

Champion Puppy in Show

(4) Reserve Exhibits in Group

(2) Junior exhibits in Group

(2) Aust bred in Group

(2) Intermediate in Group

(1) Open in Group

Best of Breed at the 1994 Brisbane Royal

 Speciality Shows

(1) Best in Show

(1) Junior  in Show

(2) Aust bred in Show

(3) Best Movement Bitch

Mrs Judy Colen USA- Sydney -2nd class

Chris Mediros USA- Sydney- 2nd Movement


THE GRAND OLD LADY OF 15 1/2 YEARS                      


Sire: Aust Ch Hollowhills the Sorcerer AI

Dam: Aust Ch Bromhund Ranbini Shar CD

23/6/95 to 28/11/2010

Tia is from my 1st litter, Shar’s daughter and Kiari’s sister. Tia gained her Championship Title with ease but loved the lounge more than she did the ring. So she simply become my beloved lounge lizzard, my companion, my friend and the mother of Paten ..... Sharlani Peri Banu CD and Magnum......Australian Champion Sharlani C Me Scoot 'V'.  Tia always makes her presence known, she loves life and has reverted back to her second childhood with the youngsters. That's my Tia. She is a grand old lady and I love her.

Tia had a good life right to the end.  She held on and on. It was hard, she was My Lady, my lovely Lady, my Grand Old Girl.  We miss her too, but we can still see and her antics in her daughter Paten.  My dear Paten.



    Sire: Aust Ch Sharlani Al Nashshar CDX 'VG'

Dam: Jaegerweis DarkNStormy

13/4/2000 to 30/5/2013

Ireland is my very special girl , she is a Kiari daughter, all of her father and more a delight to have around and own or to be precise be owned by. Ireland did very well in the show ring in her younger years and now enjoys hunting by day and organizing everyone and keeping the young ones in their place for me.

                           I Miss You

You're always on my mind, day and night

When I think of you, all feels so right

Need to have you, need to hold you

And tell you that I love you

My friend, I don't want to see us apart

This separation just tears away my heart

I miss you,

Miss your presence  more and more each day

It is hard to live without you

I miss you, more than words can say 



Sire:  Feldjaeger Arimar Xpress

Dam:  Aust Ch Sharlani Aladian Cascade

DOB    28.3.99

Paten is a grand old lady too now a Tia daughter who like her mother enjoys lounging all day and nite on the sofa or eating mulberries when they are in season. Loves food. Paten was awarded CD title in obedience, did it slow but did it 100%, what a laugh no judge could disqualify her for being slow as she was consistent week after week. 


22/05/2002  -    24/02.2008


Sire: Aust Ch Bromhund Victory Charge

Dam: Aust Ch Greyghost Sudden Impact 'V'


Whispering winds carry my promise of Love to you

For being my friend I will forever,Thank you                                                              

Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same.                                                  

But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again

Shardia was also owned by Gemma Hollands & Family who loved her dearly.

I'm writing to you with a broken heart. Our darling Shardia died on Sunday night 24th February. We are all devastated. We loved that absolutely gorgeous dog with every inch of our hearts and we are all so desolate now. She made our day, from the moment she came into the bedrooms in the morning to check on us and wake us up, until the last goodnight kiss when we put her to bed. She loved each and every one of us back and would welcome everyone home in the evening with a raucous greeting of jumping and running and barking. She would check on us during the night to make sure everyone was where they should be and would bark if you didn't acknowledge her nudge. She was loved by everyone who came to visit and even people who weren't dog lovers, would comment on how irresistible she was and were won over by her antics and beautiful nature. 


I can't express how blessed we were to have had Shardia in our lives and how grateful we are to you to have given us the opportunity. She was a very special dog and we miss her dearly. I cry daily and I don't think I will ever get over the sudden loss of her. I know we had her for only a short time of her life, but you have no idea how much we loved and cherished our darling Shardy. Our whole family was smitten with her. We just loved her to bits. I know how much you loved her too. We will have a hole in our hearts for a very long time.



Sire  Grausturm Quit Smokin

Dam   Somerford Jud y Garland

Kadho is the prodgeny of two very fine Weimaraners.  Max the sire from the famous Grausturm Kennels in Tasmania. Max boasts some fine working lines while Judy is from the famous Somerford Kennels in Victoria. Judy's Sire  is  Am Ch Top Hat's Surfin' Safari and the Dam is Ashlaren Xtra Special (AI). Kadho like her brother  has some very special dogs in her pedigree, the breeding lines  include - Top Hat's, Valmar's, Grauhund and Colsidex.

Kadho has already made her mark on the dog world, she is a quick learner and is a joy to show, watch for her and her two partners in crime in 2013.